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2 8 Tuesday, November 13 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm From Fax to Facebook: Managing Multiple Generation Workers Speaker: Glenna Hecht, Founder of Humanistic Consulting 202 A In this time of a multigenerational workplace, "them" is anyone who is not like us! Participants will gain an understanding of the five generations now in the workplace; the characteristics of each generation; leading, managing, communicating and selling to all of the generations. K2 Roadmap: Where Do We Go From Here? Speaker: Michael Stuart, KOA IT Product Owner 202 B If you're wondering about the future of K2, this session is for you! We will share the gap analysis between K1 and K2, as well as the roadmap and timeline for the next phase of K2 development. Planning Your Next Site Expansion Project Speakers: Doug Mulvaney, KOA Director of Facilities Development and Fred Prichard, KOA Director of Sites & Lodging 202 C Are you looking to add more sites to your campground? Perhaps an upgrade to existing sites is on your park's horizon. This is the place to start. Come learn about tools and strategies to estimate project costs, determine which part of your operation to tackle first, and some ideas for how you want the end product to look. This session will give you a benchmark of what the guest is looking for, and how to get it done. The Front Desk Is the Front Line for Service Speaker: Saskia Boogman, KOA External Content Manager and Stacey Huck, KOA Director of Field Services 202 D You can have the best campground facilities in North America, but if your Front Desk isn't firing on all cylinders, you're putting your business at risk. Training your Front Desk team should be a critical component of your planning. In this session, you'll learn the essential steps of each front desk interaction; how to hold your staff accountable; and how upselling your campground's features using great guest service can increase your bottom line. Owning More Than One. How to Manage Multiple KOAs Speakers: Russ French, KOA Senior Business Development Consultant and KOA Owner Panelists 203 A More KOA owners are investing in a second – or even third – campground. Find out from a few of our multiple KOA owners how they "manage their managers," what it takes to handle complex budgets, what metrics they use to judge their success, and the efficiencies of running multiple parks. These peer experts will share their thoughts on problem solving on a multi-park level, and how to find the right property when you're ready to buy another campground. NPS Round Table: What Can Make the Difference? Facilitator: Rich Wardle, Quality Assurance Manager 203 B Please join your peers for roundtable discussions focused on using your NPS scores and feedback to improve your guest experience. We know it can feel like the guest is in control in today's environment, but the truth is, you are in control of how your guests experience your park. Let's work together to create memorable guest experiences, create additional promoters and put more money in the bank.

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