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2019 KOA Quality Assurance & Policy Manual

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Welcome to the 2019 Quality Review Greetings KOA, 2018 was another year of continuing growth throughout the KOA system. It was exciting to see campgrounds upgrading the infrastructure, adding unique lodging, expanding their parks, all the while creating a great guest experience. Together we celebrate a record number of campgrounds that reached various award milestones: • 48 Perfect scores. • 275 Founder's Awards. • 148 President's Awards. • The system's NPS was 63. • 97%, or 494 campgrounds, exceeded 40% in providing 5-Star satisfaction. The KOA Quality Review process is the result of input from campground owners, market studies, industry best practices and trends. It is a process that evolves to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. Your Quality Assurance team partners with you to bring ideas, support and solutions to ensure KOA campgrounds continue to meet its goal to be the leader in the camping industry by meeting guest expectations. Below are the notable changes to the 2019 Quality Review. As always, we strive to promote the improvement of the brand and fulfill KOA's mission of "Happy campers who recommend KOA to others." 1. Perfect Score Qualification: All campgrounds will now have the opportunity to achieve a Perfect Score. While Core Item requirements remain the same, Point Items will be based on the amenities offered on your campground including those items needed for a specific brand position. This means, you will no longer lose points, or be penalized, for something that you do not have or need for your brand. A Perfect Score campground will have no FYI's or marginal Point Items. You must have 100% of the achievable points on your campground and no outstanding addendum items. 2. The manual has a cleaner/clearer look and feel to it. Best Practices, Kamp Green ideas and hints have been moved to the Appendix. The evaluation page, is at the end of each section, to make self reviews easier. a. Like-new condition is a standard used to determine the condition of items in the Quality Review. Like-new is defined as "An item that is flawless, intact, and has no visible wear. It looks like it has just been purchased." 3. Brand Support: New Core Item 7, Franchise shall prominently display a placard or other visible device announcing the independently owned and operated status of the park/campground. a. Point Item 1, additional ways to participate in KOA functions were added. 4. Grounds and Buildings: Point Item 2, campgrounds physical address, including the county or providence must be posted in site maps and at the night registration for emergencies. 5. Recreation: Point Item 1, is now worth 10 points. The 5 points was added to Point Item 3, placing more emphasis on the condition of playground equipment. 6. KOA Lodging: Use of the word accommodation will be changed to Lodging. This will align with the site type descriptions used in K2. It also encompasses all the varied forms of lodging available throughout the system. 7. Premium Amenities and Services: Point Item 1, this now reads "If", the campground provides a recreational.... instead of "must". 8. Franchise Royalties Defined: "Site guarantee charges" were added to the list of reasons to add additional revenue to a site charge and are subject to royalties. We always look forward to our visits and love to hear from you, feel free to contact me with any questions. Rich Wardle Quality Assurance Manager 1 (800) 548-7104

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