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KOA Holiday Brand Criteria

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.............................................................................. KOA BRAND POSITIONING CRITERIA Notes pertaining to the following criteria: For all requirements that may have government imposed restrictions, such as fi re bans, we understand that meeting the requirement may not be possible. Patio Sites, both RV or Deluxe Cabin, already in use, may be grandfathered into the brand positioning criteria as acceptable if they do not meet the 250 square-foot requirement with a non-linear patio or deck. This does require that the outdoor experience with a deck or patio is large enough to freely move about. The patio or decking must be made of an approved surface as defi ned in the brand criteria specifi cations and be in like-new condition. Other requirements including the fi re experience and second seating are still included. 1 Example: There is a KOA Holiday requirement to have a group facility that may be outdoors. An outdoor group facility that meets the requirement is a large party tent, present during your peak season. That means the tent must be installed and available for group use during a minimum of the 12-week period you defi ne as your peak season. Site Description Clarifi cation • Upgraded or Revised Site – An upgraded site is re-angled, levelled, the entry/exit radius is improved, or the site is converted to 50-amp service from 30-amp. A revised site is one where no major changes to the utilities are required. • New Site – A site that has been rebuilt or newly built. This would include sites that have required relocation or addition of utilities (water, electrical and/or sewer services). • Sites may be revised to meet KOA Brand Positioning requirements. • New sites are required to meet current KOA Brand Positioning requirements for both width and length. • When qualifying site types for KOA Brand Positioning, the minimum number of sites, whether new or revised, must be met. Further or future site revisions or additions are not required to meet KOA Brand Positioning standards, however sites must meet existing design standards for RV pad and yard widths. Recommended: If revising existing or adding new sites, consider creating the highest level of guest experience possible. Criteria Explanation The purpose of this document is to present you with a summarized version of the Brand Criteria. Presented here is only the written criteria for each position. There are more detailed descriptions available on eKamp that include: • The importance and benefi ts for the guest. • The actions – "How to get it done" – to achieve the goal, by using detailed drawings available on eKamp, or contact information for a supplier where an item can be ordered. • The estimated cost. In most cases, a range is given. In other cases, we may simply state that the cost varies so much that a range would not be relevant. Where purchased materials are required, the materials cost is variable. • Pictures that match our vision of the requirement. It should be noted, though, that not everything in the picture may be part of the requirement. Defi nitions RV Sites For the purpose of determining the total, we consider a powered site, used for short-term RV stays, as an RV Site. Example: If a KOA has 120 sites with power, but 20 of them are always used as long-term sites, then the KOA would have 100 total RV Sites. Overfl ow and specifi cally- designed Tent Sites (even if they have power) are not considered an RV Site. Deluxe Cabins A free standing, roofed, and hard-surfaced guest accommodation with sleeping quarters and a full bathroom. The bathroom must contain a toilet, sink, shower or tub/shower. Examples may include traditional Deluxe Cabin style Park Models, Lodges, D Log Cabins, Cottages, Homes, Converted Caboose, Bungalows, or Tree Houses. It does not include rental units, travel or 5th wheel trailers. For any other type of unit not classifi ed here, it is up to the KOA Brand Positioning Committee to determine whether or not it meets the qualifi cations. "Like New" An item that is fl awless, intact, and has no visible wear. It looks like it has just been purchased. Peak Season Peak season is a minimum 12-week period that you designate as the busiest time. ........................................ ...................................

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