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4 ENERGY CONSERVATION: • Keep windows and doors closed when the AC is on and turn up the temperature when you leave. • Turn off computers, TVs, and lights, when not in use – you're camping, rough it a little. • Reduce your fuel consumption by driving 55 mph and ensure your tires are properly infl ated. RECYCLE: • Use the recycle containers provided at the KOA. • Avoid using disposable materials for packaging your food. • Only use products that you can reuse or recycle. WHAT YOU CAN DO TO CAMP GREEN By Susan Barton, owner of the 1000 Islands/Ivy Lea KOA, Ontario CHEMICALS: • Never burn or bury trash; many inks and metals contain harmful chemicals that when burned or degraded are released into the atmosphere, soil or water. • Be careful with water, only use biodegradable soaps, shampoos and detergents. • Only use biodegradable, organic, zinc-oxide based sunscreen. They do not contaminate the water table and natural bodies of water, and are safer for you as well. LEAVE NO FOOTPRINT: • Never ever litter. Bring a small trash bag when you go on hikes. • Leave trees alone. Do not tie your clotheslines to trees or cut marshmallow sticks from them. • Be kind and respect the plants and wildlife. They are fragile. Look but do not touch. • When fi shing, do not contaminate the water or fi sh by using sinkers and lures that contain lead. KOA IS GETTING GREENER EVERY DAY The friendly owners and staff at Kampgrounds of America may be all decked out in bright KOA Yellow, but green is another color we love. For the past four years, KOA has been proud to sponsor our "Kamp Green" Program. The program encourages KOA owners – and our camping guests – to adopt environmentally friendly practices. We recognize these eff orts by awarding KOA owners each year a one, two or three leaf icon to be displayed on their KOA.com web pages. Earning a leaf isn't easy, and our owners are always on the lookout for innovative new projects – both big and small – to protect the environment. In just these fi rst four years, nearly 140 KOA campgrounds have qualifi ed to "sprout" a green leaf or two. In 2014, we honored two special KOAs for their contributions. The Mount Pleasant/Charleston, SC KOA was recognized for adding a solar water heater to its swimming pool, as well as adding recycling stations for campers and changing all of the lights on the campground to effi cient LED lighting. The Cape Hatteras, NC KOA was honored for steps it took while rebuilding a er Hurricane Irene in 2011. Now, no plastics are sold on the campground, including water bottles. The campground also added a glass heating solar roof element to its new main building, which provides hot water for the main building, laundry and café. This KOA also has "smart" climate control systems and cabins equipped with "on demand" hot water heaters. We've got several more big "green" projects planned for this year. Keep watch for those one, two and three leaf awards at your favorite KOAs. The Mount Pleasant/Charleston, SC KOA was recognized in 2014 with a special KOA Kamp Green Award for their environmental eff orts. Jay Coates, owner of the Durango, CO KOA, explains small-space gardening to KOA owners at the 2014 KOA Convention in Charleston, SC. The Cape Hatteras, NC KOA went all out to dial up conservation eff orts a er being rebuilt following 2011's Hurricane Irene. The campground reopened in the spring of 2014.

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